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From abstract climate to concrete data.

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Designed by Finnish HR wizards and tech experts.

BlaLab is a free online platform, designed for teams and organizations of all sizes. 

Our platform helps you to quickly pinpoint your team's climate and main development areas. Feel the facts.




Actionable Insights from organizational data.

Create concrete data from abstract atmosphere.

We are organization nerds - we like to understand how organizations work, through data. We offer you an online platform that anyone can use, at any time. Blalab is a sports-tracker for your team or organization, so that your people can improve the things they care about at work.

Understand & develop.


We are a technology company focused on helping people measure how well things run at work.

Blalab creates software applications which help teams measure and improve their performance continuously.

How it works? First you sign in, then you invite people to contribute. They respond to a survey, and finally you review data. Your team can chat about the numbers through our workspace, totally anonymously, to figure out what to do to improve the results. Then you just repeat it all, as often as you like. That’s how magic happens, through fact-based continuous improvement.

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